As today is Log Cabin Day we thought we’d share with you a trip we made earlier in the year to Hesleyside Huts.

We headed into wild Northumberland on an adventure that would become our last before lockdown. We jumped in the car, shut off our phones and headed to the woods where we stayed in the cosiest of cabins.

Marie inside the Rowan Cabin at Hesleyside Huts in Northumberland

We hunkered down in the pioneer inspired ‘Rowan’ cabin which has been totally handcrafted from reclaimed oak.

We can’t get enough of Westerns so getting to play guitar up in the rafters with the sun beaming through the shuttered windows and then later sipping whiskey on the porch as we watched the stars was our idea of heaven.

Rowan Cabin at Hesleyside Huts in Northumberland

Lucy sat sketching the cabin

Lucy & Marie sit playing guitar on the porch

Hesleyside Huts is nestled at the edge of an ancient woodland, situated close to Kielder Forest. It's the perfect place for stargazing as it is within one of the UK’s Dark Sky Parks.

On the last night of our trip, we filled a flask, wrapped up warm and stayed up into the small hours in the field facing the cabin.


Spectacular Night Sky above cabin in northumberland

Not long after this photograph was captured the clouds rolled in and a thin dusting of snow began to fall.

As the snow started to settle we drew a hot bubble bath in the outdoor tub and soaked in the night sky, fully immersing ourselves in living our very own Western.

We can’t wait for next month when the UK is once again open for wild adventures!

Lucy taking photos in the woods at Kielder Forest

Packing List for cabin adventures
Packing list for your cabin adventure (Clockwise from top left): Rome 1405 Waffle Iron, Art Disco 'Wilderness' Hoody, Art Disco Ceramic Mugs, Walt Whitman Pocket Poems, Guitar, Fleetwood Mac Sheet Music, Axe, Stanley Flask, Art Disco 'Anchor' Beanie, Art supplies.

Happy Log Cabin Day!

Lucy & Marie x

p.s. we've also put together a playlist over on Spotify to get you in the cowboy cabin mood...

Cabin Fever Playlist by ART DISCO on Spotify