DISTANCE : 1.5MILES / 2.5KM (Each way)

This morning we headed out to explore another section of the Cleveland Way.

We decided to head to Port Mulgrave, a disused ironstone port which is only a few miles up the coast from our home in Whitby.

We were lucky enough to get one of the very few parking spaces available at the top of the cliff at Port Mulgrave. So armed with a flask of iced tea and our cameras at the ready we took the winding path down the steep cliff to the bay below.

Lucy taking a photo of Port Mulgrave beach

At the foot of the cliff we were met with the sight of a collection of whimsical Fishermans huts all looking out to sea. Many of the huts were made from upturned boats and bedecked with flotsam and jetsam.

tin type of a fishermans hut at port mulgrave
fishermans hut at port mulgrave

It’s a really unique place unlike anywhere else we’ve been on the east coast so far.

Marie at Port Mulgrave
Fishermans Hut at Port Mulgrave

On the way back up the cliffs we decided to get the full Port Mulgrave experience and took the rope option instead of the path we had used on the descent. We very quickly discovered that having a giggle fit half way up the cliff is slightly treacherous 😂

Marie climbing the rope at Port Mulgrave

Once safely back on the top of the cliff we rejoined the Cleveland Way and followed the coastal path which hugged the cliffs all the way to Staithes.

Lucy leaving Port Mulgrave
Danner Boots overlooking cliff to sea

The bohemian seaside village is famed for its annual art festival (which is unfortunately cancelled this year). Amongst the winding streets full of white and blue cottages which are burrowed into the cliffs you’ll find art galleries and numerous cafes.

Staithes, North Yorkshire Coast

We each grabbed an ice cream and strolled around the harbour before making our way back to Port Mulgrave and heading home.