So it was the very last day of summer and the leaves had already begun turning gold.

We had been spending busy days in the studio before escaping in the late afternoons for little adventures.

On this evening we headed across the moors to a nearby waterfall called Falling Foss to wild swim and soak up the last day of summer.

There are two ways to get down to the foot of the waterfall. Fast and dangerous straight down the banking gripping a fallen tree and an old rope left by previous daredevils or the long way that gently snakes its way down starting from the hermitage.

The afternoon sun glimpsed through the trees and with all the visitors gone we decided to take the long scenic route.

We realised it’s not the far flung holidays you plan and save for for years, it’s the few stolen hours of spontaneous adventures, the local everyday adventures that you stumble upon that fill you with child like joy.

Lucy & Marie x