Smoked Yorkshire Gin & Tonic 

Smoked Yorkshire Gin & Tonic

As true Yorkshire folk we love a good cup of tea. What better way to celebrate Yorkshire Day than with our tea inspired tipple? We've called it 'God's Own Country'.

For added Yorkshire patriotism we decided to use Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin (Tea Edition) which is made in the Dales.

The smoked rosemary in this recipe really brings out the flavour of the tea and adds a healthy dose of showmanship to your cocktail.

God's Own Country Recipe:
(Makes one)

85ml Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin - Tea Edition
Tonic Water
Some Sprigs of Rosemary
Frozen Raspberries

Pour the gin over the ice and a handful of frozen raspberries. Cover with a glass cloche. Light the rosemary sprig and quickly hold it under the cloche to catch as much smoke as you can inside. Allow the drink to sit inside of the smokey cloche for 30 seconds. Remove and top up with ice cold tonic water (to taste). Finish with a fresh sprig of rosemary.

By 'eck... you've just made yourself a champion cocktail!