Back in November we jumped in our Landy and headed across the moors for a foraging day with Taste The Wild. It was just before the launch of our Trailblazer collection, so we wanted to road-test our new chore jacket.

Chore Jacket by Art Disco, Hand printed in North Yorkshire(Lucy is wearing her 'Trailblazer' Chore Jacket and 'Road Trip' Bandana)

The event was held in a small woodland near Thirsk in North Yorkshire. On arrival, we followed the sound of chatter to a clearing in the woods where a woodland kitchen had been set up. The hosts welcomed us with a cup of hot apple punch as they explained what the day had in store for us. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with warm hospitality and a passion for the natural world that was contagious.

As we ventured out into the woods, our guide Hazel taught us about the different types of mushrooms and wild edibles found in the area.

Throughout the day, we had the opportunity to sample a variety of wild edibles, including nettles, stickyweed and sea buckthorn syrup. As we walked, she taught us the different techniques for identifying edible mushrooms, including how to distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous varieties. We were also shown how to properly collect and prepare the plants that we found, ensuring that we left a minimal impact on the environment.

Foraging in North Yorkshire(Marie is wearing her 'Dusk to Dawn' Beanie in Coconut Milk)

Hazel also shared stories and folklore about the plants we encountered. She explained how the elder tree has a special connection to witchcraft. In the past, people believed that witches used to transform themselves into elder bushes and the tree had magical properties that protected against evil spirits. The leaves and flowers of the tree were used to make medicine. It was also said to be guarded by a spirit called the Elder Mother or Elder Queen, who could be thanked with offerings for the tree's protection.

Once our baskets were full of flora and fauna, we headed back to the outdoor kitchen to identify our finds. We were then treated to a delicious lunch prepared by our hosts using some of the wild ingredients we had just collected.

Foraged treats cooked up in the woods in North yorkshire(Our host Paul cooking up a feast for our return)

We left with a newfound appreciation for the abundance of wild edibles that can be found in our natural surroundings. We recommend attending one of Taste The Wild’s events to anyone interested in learning more about foraging.

Lucy + Marie x

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