So it was early autumn and the leaves were just beginning to turn gold. We decided to pack up our Landy and head on a little adventure into the woods.

We love road trips at this time of year, turning up the playlist and watching the landscape change through the windows as we drive. For us, being wrapped up in a beanie and sweatshirt in a cosy log cabin heated solely by log fire is just as fun as being in a t-shirt on those long summer nights watching the sunset.

Unpacking the Land Rover Defender at the cabin
(Unpacking the Land Rover at the cabin - Photo by Ceri Oakes)

We headed northwest to stay in a cosy riverside log cabin hidden deep in Cumbria. Veiled from sight by towering trees and cut off from modern trappings we thought it was the perfect place to unwind and test out our soon-to-be-released travel candles.

Neptune Travel Candle by ART DISCO Original Goods
(Our new 'Neptune's Nightcap' Travel Candle)

A little path led down from the cabin to the river below which was ferociously flowing due to the recent downpour. We happily stayed tucked in snug within the cabins thick log walls, listening to the softly crackling fire accompanied by the sound of the odd acorn hitting the roof.

Cosy log cabin at night
(The cabin at night)

We spent the days fishing *spoiler alert: not a sausage* and in the evenings we played cards by candlelight. There's a warmth to the light given off by a flame that no electric bulb can ever match. There's something comforting about bringing a candle on your travels. A familiar scent that reminds you of home and illuminates your new surroundings with a calming glow.

Marie heading out fishing
Lucy fishing by the river
Marie fishing by the river
(Fishing at the cabin. Lucy is wearing her 'Adventurer' Beanie in Fawn and Marie is wearing her 'Enjoy The Now' Hoody and 'Wanderer' Cap in Sunfaded Sage)

Outside was a symphony of autumn colours. As we looked back at the cabin, with smoke coming out of the chimney, we felt at home.

Lucy + Marie x

Lucy & Marie in front of the cabin(Lucy + Marie in front of the cabin - Photo by Ceri Oakes)

Where we stayed: Fishing Hideaway, Shank Wood Log Cabin