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The new collection ‘Star Crossed Loner’ is packed with colour and nostalgia that hark back to summers spent brooding over high school crushes, sipping Slush Puppies & playing video games.

Star Crossed Loner Varsity Crew Neck T-Shirt | ART DISCO(Star Crossed Loner T-Shirt)

First Base Crew Neck T-Shirt & Skull N' Roses Denim Jacket | ART DISCO(First Base T-Shirt)
(Skull N' Roses Denim Jacket)

Go Big Or Go Home Crew Neck Hand Printed Sweatshirt | ART DISCO(Go Big or Go Home Sweatshirt)

Magic Kingdom Unicorn Crew Neck T-Shirt & Galactic Unicorn Denim Jacket| ART DISCO(Magic Kingdom T-Shirt)
(Galactic Unicorn Denim Jacket)

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